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Trade-in Promo

Great News!
 We have decided to open our loyalty trade-in program to everyone including those existing Marbella/Curve/MaxPower customers. Bring your old sets down even it's not function anymore and we will give you a great discount UP to S$102.96

Trade-in Program Period: 01st April - 31st May 2019

Maka GPS Technologies Pte. Ltd.
2 Alexandra Road
#07-01 Delta House
Singapore 159919

0930AM - 0600PM (Monday - Friday)

Lunch Hour: 1200PM - 0130PM (Closed)

"Just bring your old Marbella or any GPS or car camera whether is in working or non-working condition. We do not decrease your discount value even it's not working or damaged! Trade-in Discount is up to S$102.96!!"

We do not need any accessories - whether you have your box or naked with the device, it will be the same GREAT discount to you!

See you at our Service Centre.