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'MaxPower 11000mAh PowerResQ - Extending your power level

Smart-Charge Technology
You no longer need to worry about the damages you might cause if you plug the connector in the wrong direction, the patented MaxPower 11000mAh jump starter terminal will prevent damage to the jump starter if the battery is connected in the wrong direction.

LED light indication to alert user with warning sound in case the connector has not been plug in accordingly.

Multiple Intelligent Protections
Protect and limit damage to your car engine and battery from short-circuit, over-voltage, and over-current.

Extensively Charging Cycles
Delivering up to 3,000 times charging cycle that is 3 times more than the normal jump starter batteries within your vehicle. You can also store the power up to one year after fully charfe of 3 hours.

Multi-function/Multi-Purpose/Laptop Charging 
MaxPower 11000mAh PowerResQ Multi-function car jumpstarter is a patented design for your car in an emergency situation. This patented design will allow you to recharge car battery, juice up smartphones, notebooks and more.MaxPower PowerResQ comes with a range of adaptors for cellphones, notebooks, PSP, tablet and etc...

High Quality Battery Cells
MaxPower 11000mAh PowerResQ has a high quality lithium polymer battery cells; supports fast charging and low self-charge within 3000 times charge life/discharge cycles which is 3 times more than its predecessor.

High Capability of Portable Jump Starter 
MaxPower 11000mAh PowerResQ supports all 12V car jump start without harming your vehicle (gasoline cars up to 6.0L, Diesel cars up to 3.0L and it is compatible with boat, motorbike too).

Emergency Light
MaxPower 11000mAh PowerResQ has equipped with a powerful LED torch light and the powerful torch light will definitely be the most helpful tool during any emergency situation.

MaxPower 11000mAh PowerResQ
Standard Accessories
AC Charger Yes
MaxPower 11000 Jump Start Terminal  Yes
Smartphone Connector Yes, Micro USB, Apple 30pin Connector/Lightening Cable Connector
Laptop Connector Yes, 8 different kinds and compatible for most of laptops
Car Charger Yes