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Marbella MT-I Waterproof 2xFHD














Marbella MT-I is the latest and the most versatile yet dash board camera launched at Singapore, Suntec Convention Centre and MT-I fits into every vehicle, commercial trucks and even motorbike with its IP68 full water proof camera lens which produces astonishing video quality from day to night.













Marbella MT-I is equipped with the latest and the most innovative design dash cam which records in Full HD1080p/30fps with a 155° wide angle in front, and Full HD 1080p 155°/30fps wide angle on rear to assure full recording coverage and security on any type of vehicle not limited to passenger car. With its 2.7inch LCD TFT panel, Marbella MT-I will ease your playback and you will be able to configure all the settings from the LCD display panel.













IP68 is a very high international standard and our very first industrial 2 channel front and back camera for all commercial fleet. IP68 waterproof is the high standard of waterproof parameter found in Apple and Samsung smartphone and we have applied the standard on the latest Marbella MT-I to ensure our users will never be limited to protect themselves on the road.





















Users will also be able to access to the recording footage by downloading the App “I-DashCam” either from Google Playstore or Apple iOS store to preview, download, playback and share your video footages on social media platform. The Marbella MT-I will be broadcasting a steady WIFI signal even you are in a remote area so our users will not required any WIFI signals even on the road.   

To provide greater recording duration and ensure your Full HD video files will not be overwritten easily, the latest Marbella MT-I has an ability to support up to 256GB MicroSD Card and this is the highest storage size in the competition.






Another innovative feature found in the latest Marbella MT-I is a manual SOS/Emergency button we have designed to ensure the storage space will not be fully occupied by files triggered by G-Sensor (Gravity Sensor). In the event of a collision, the riders will simply press the SOS/Emergency button so the file will be protected and never overwritten by the new file.

To maximise the protection of your asset and surround environment, a 24 hours recording and park monitoring sensor has been embedded in the BOTH front and back camera. Marbella MT-I do not required to install any voltage cut off device since it has a built-in battery discharge voltage monitoring function and the device will no further consume your battery power when it falls below 11.7V.

Marbella MT-I is unarguably the most versatile yet waterproof dashboard camera with its robust function and FHD+FHD video quality and we certainly believe it will be able to meet your requirement for any type of vehicle/motorbike on the road.


Marbella MT-I Waterproof 2xFHD

Marbella MT-I 2CH Dual Full HD+Full HD Technical Specification 

Lens Sensor 3 Mega Pixel CMOS (Front) - Video Recording
3 Mega Pixel CMOS (Back) - Video Recording
G-sensor N/A, G-Sensor file locked through dedicated SOS button
Motion Detection
2 CMOS sensors: 
<1> 1 / 2.7" light sensation area <2> low light (with a 5.5M long AV cable)
24 Hours Motion Detection under Parking Mode (Front + Rear) 
Wide Angle Lens 155 degree (Front) 155 degree (back)
Display 2.7" LCD Screen (Display Option - Front Camera view / Rear Camera view / Dual Back+Front view / Dual Front+Back view)
Video output MicroSD Card / WIFI (Download iDashCam from your iOS or Google Store) 
Voice Guidance  On/Off
Recording format MOV
Recording resolution

Full HD: 1920 x 1080(30fps) - Front lens 
HD: 1920 x 1080(30fps) - Back lens

Recording media

External: Micro SDHC or MicroSD Card (Upto 256GB). Class 10 and above

Voice Recording On/Off
Parking Recording Time 24 Hours
White Balance Auto/Clean/Cloudy/Light Bulb/Fluorescent Lamp
Light Expsure -3 - +3
Connection Port DC Input  12 - 24V
Battery Prevention 11.7/23.7
USB USB Port for Rear Camera NOT for charging or data transfer
Size 100(L) x 17(W) x 68(H)mm - Front Camera or 3.94"(L) x 0.67"(W) x 2.68"(H)mm - Front Camera
40(L) x 23(W) x 23(H)mm - Back Camera or 1.57"(L) x 0.91"(W) x 0.91"(H)mm - Back Camera
Weight 95g - Front Camera or 0.201lbs - Front Camera
15g - Back Camera or 0.03lbs - Back Camera
Working humidity 10% ~ 80%


Marbella MT-I Waterproof 2xFHD
Marbella MT-I Standard Accessories
3M Sticker Yes (On Device + 2 extra included)
3.5M Car charger Yes