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Marbella KR3 FHD DashCam












November 2018, SINGAPORE - TECH SHOW 2017 at SUNTEC CONVENTION CENTRE, proudly presenting our new generation dashcamera - Marbella KR3 with a sleeker outlook yet equipped with impeccable state of art features. This makes Marbella KR3 the most cost-efficient Korean made car camera yet.

Featuring an extended 140 degree viewing angle lens to ensure your driving experience will be widely captured espeically in an extended road with multiple lanes.














Marbella KR3 produce amazing video quality especially under dark environment with its Super Night Vision and it will automatically turn on if the light levels get low or when your car is parked at night, certain super night vision technology that Marbella KR3 Dash Cams would really help to create a significantly improved clarity in night vision.
















When you switch your engine off, Marbella KR3 will automatically turn on the Smart Time Lapse mode to ensure a long duration video turn into a full frame video but translate to a shorter duration. This function only applicable when you installed your Marbella KR3 with professional technician.


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Dash Cams have really help to create a significantly improved clarity in night vision.





Another distinctive feature found on Marbella KR3 is the Multiple Recording mode feature which allow users to access the files within a short time frame. Total of 4 unique recording mode to ensure every file is well captured and recorded into the defined folder respectively. 

Marbella KR3 owns a patent in its FORMAT FREE technology and unlike most of the Korean-made dash camera, Marbella KR3 is capable to playback the recorded video files through any laptop, PC or even Android smartphone without any dedicated PC Viewer.
















Marbella KR3 FHD DashCam

Marbella KR3 1CH Full HD Technical Specification 

Lens Sensor 3 Mega Pixel CMOS (Front) - Video Recording
G-sensor 3 Axis G Sensor Level Adjustment from Level 1 - 10 (Level 10 is the least sensitive)
Motion Detection
2 CMOS sensors: 
<1> 1 / 2.7" light sensation area <2> low light (with a 5.5M long AV cable)
24 Hours Motion Detection under Parking Mode (Front)
Wide Angle Lens 140 degree (Front) 
Display 3.5inch IPS Touch Screen Display
Video output MicroSD Card
Voice Guidance  On/Off
Recording format TTF Format Free
Recording resolution

1920*1080P Full HD Resolution

Recording media

External MicroSD Card, Support up to 128GB (Class 10) and above

Voice Recording On/Off
Parking Recording Time 6 HRs/12HRs/24HRs/36HRs/48HRs
White Balance Auto/Clean/Cloudy/Light Bulb/Fluorescent Lamp
Light Expsure -3 - +3
Connection Port DC Input  12 - 24V
Battery Prevention (11.5/23.5) / (11.7/23.7) / (11.9/23.9) / (12.1/24.1) / (12.3 / 24.3)
BMW Connection BMW Connection to power and Data transfer
Size 99mm(L) x 70mm(W) x 31(H)mm - Front Camera
66mm(L) x 30mm(W) x 28(H)mm - Rear Camera
Weight 20g - Front Camera or 0.044lbs - Front Camera
Working humidity 10% ~ 80%


Marbella KR3 FHD DashCam