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Marbella ConnectedCell 6000mAh Back Up Battery

Marbella™ ConnectedCell 6000mAh Back Up Battery manufactured in Korea with a mission to enhance safety and prevent battery overdrawn.



















With the rapid growing technological advancement introduced by every car maker, the traditional hardwiring system might potentially cause detection failure on the your car interface and the traditional wiring method might cause premature battery discharge, which can lead to rapid degradation of the car's main battery health.

Marbella ConnectedCell 6000mAh back up battery is the best alternative solution as the traditional hardwiring connection to the car fuse panel may result in shorten the lifespan of your car battery and unfortunately your vehicle will not be able to jump start if it’s completely discharged. We also studied that the tradition hardwiring connection will reduced the lifespan of your battery by more than 25%.

With its intelligent smart sensor technology - Marbella ConnectedCell 6000mAh back up battery is a localised design circuit board to optimize its performance under the scorching weather condition in Singapore. The smart sensor technology will monitor your car battery performance and make the necessary power supply to prevent any overcharge to your car battery.































It uses the latest LiFeP04 Technology® (Lithium Iron Phosphate) premium Lithium battery cell from Germany that optimized your charging efficiency and most importantly we have received the safety certification from many international safety standard lab ((IEC62133/UL/RoHs/CE/MSDS/UN38.3) and comply with the safety requirement to ensure there is absolute no risk of explosion.















With the latest “Fast Charging technology®” and it's special design silcon cable - Marbella ConnectedCell 6000mAh only takes less than 50 minutes to be fully charged and it can supply a continuous power up to 30 hours under parking surveillance mode when your Marbella ConnectedCell is fully charged.




































You no longer need to worry about your parking mode surveillance with the latest Marbella ConnectedCell 6000mAh back up battery. It eliminates the abnormal interface detection between the traditional hard wiring to your vehicle under the modernised technological interface and reduce the possibility of battery overdrawn. It will also increase the lifespan of your car battery with its LiFeP04 Technology®, reducing every short-circuit possibility by it’s smart sensor technology to optimized heat resistance and durability.