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  • Geomate 400Swb
    Marbella Geomate 400S

    Marbella Geomate 400S is powered with the most advance yet compact navigator in its class. The Geomate 400S has the finest outlook with a powerful Star Atlas VI 800MHz processor, wireless Bluetooth connectivity and AV-input function.

  • Geomate500Swb
    Marbella Geomate 500S

    Marbella Geomate 500S is powered by Star Atlas VI 800MHz processor with 256MB Dual Core RAM and it supports real-time image with your reverse camera. Bluetooth handsfree calling and FM Transmiiter features now become a standard function.

  • Marbella N52webindex
    Marbella N52

    The Marbella N52 display is a 5” widescreen which has an easy-to-see 5” large screen display. The devices come with FREE lifetime maps thus taking away the recurring cost and make the devices much more affordable in the long run.

  • N53SFrontweb216x
    Marbella N53S

    Marbella N53S is made to travel in comfort. We are confident that you will not be lost again with it's spacious 5" and immersive touchscreen display and powerful 800MHz processor. AV-input is also a key feature found in our latest 2019 model

  • MarbellaN72216x
    Marbella N72

    Marbella N72 offers a 7inch mega-sized widescreen and HD navigation experience. This extreme spacious navigator come with in-built FM Transmitter and AV (Audio-Visual) input to maximise and enhance your road safety.

  • MarbellaN72Sweb216x
    Marbella N72S

    Marbella N72S offers a spacious 7" immersive display and localised navigational feature. New 2019 model has an extreme fast processor to accomplish a long route. It also has a built-in FM Transmitter and AV input to maximise your road safety.

  • PilotSwb216
    Marbella Pilot S

    Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) improves safety by offering tyre pressure/leakage alert and you will be able to read the temperature from the Marbella Pilot S. It's Bluetooth handsfree which will allow you to receive and make a call while driving. 

  • uNav Frontwb
    Marbella uNav HD DVR

    Marbella uNav 5inch HD Navigator - most outstanding design in class. It is the only GPS that comes integrated with a built-in HD camera with a high quality HD LCD screen. uNav has a direct AV input for reverse camera and FM Transmitter.

  • uNavHD5thumbnail
    Marbella uNav HD5 GPS

    Marbella uNav HD5 is the latest 5inch HD Navigator with an integrated in-built HD camera with a high quality HD LCD screen. Drivers will enjoy a seamless HD720P recording while guiding you safely to your next destination.

  • uNav HD7Frontwb
    Marbella uNav HD7 GPS/DVR

    Marbella uNav HD7 GPS/DVR arrives with a bright 7.0" high-definition display and loaded with an amazing HD 720P high clarity in car Recorder. Marbella uNav HD7 is the first GPS with largest screen size embedded with true HD camera.