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  • Geomate 400Swb
    Marbella Geomate 400S

    Marbella Geomate 400S is powered with the most advance yet compact navigator in its class. The Geomate 400S has the finest outlook with a powerful Star Atlas VI 800MHz processor, wireless Bluetooth connectivity and AV-input function.

  • Geomate500Swb
    Marbella Geomate 500S

    Marbella Geomate 500S is powered by Star Atlas VI 800MHz processor with 256MB Dual Core RAM and it supports real-time image with your reverse camera. Bluetooth handsfree calling and FM Transmiiter features now become a standard function.

  • Marbella N52webindex
    Marbella N52

    The Marbella N52 display is a 5” widescreen which has an easy-to-see 5” large screen display. The devices come with FREE lifetime maps thus taking away the recurring cost and make the devices much more affordable in the long run.

  • MarbellaN72216x
    Marbella N72

    Marbella N72 offers a 7inch mega-sized widescreen and HD navigation experience. This extreme spacious navigator come with in-built FM Transmitter and AV (Audio-Visual) input to maximise and enhance your road safety.

  • PilotSwb216
    Marbella Pilot S

    Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) improves safety by offering tyre pressure/leakage alert and you will be able to read the temperature from the Marbella Pilot S. It's Bluetooth handsfree which will allow you to receive and make a call while driving. 

  • uNav Frontwb
    Marbella uNav HD DVR

    Marbella uNav 5inch HD Navigator - most outstanding design in class. It is the only GPS that comes integrated with a built-in HD camera with a high quality HD LCD screen. uNav has a direct AV input for reverse camera and FM Transmitter.

  • uNavHD5thumbnail
    Marbella uNav HD5 GPS

    Marbella uNav HD5 is the latest 5inch HD Navigator with an integrated in-built HD camera with a high quality HD LCD screen. Drivers will enjoy a seamless HD720P recording while guiding you safely to your next destination.

  • uNav HD7Frontwb
    Marbella uNav HD7 GPS/DVR

    Marbella uNav HD7 GPS/DVR arrives with a bright 7.0" high-definition display and loaded with an amazing HD 720P high clarity in car Recorder. Marbella uNav HD7 is the first GPS with largest screen size embedded with true HD camera.