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    Curve Prestige 100

    Curve Prestige 100 is our best action camera yet. It's built to be the easiest-to-use action camera and comes with everything you need to start your adventure the next moment. With a re-engineered waterproof casing, it can deep up to 30M.

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    Curve Xtreme 100

    Curve Xtreme 100 delivers a superior image quality and outstanding Ultra HD 4K video that is ready to capture your next adventurous moment. With it’s extended WIFI connectivity, you will be able to download and share every precious moment.

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    Curve Xtreme 200

    Curve Xtreme 200 has made your dream come true by launching the latest Ultra HD 4K Action camera with all the sophisticated functions beyond your imagination. It's long range WIFI connectivity and RF remote control is definitely a great tool for your next trip!

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    Curve Xtreme 300

    Curve Xtreme 300 is the latest Ultra HD 4K Action waterproof camera with 7 layer all glass lens made with a spacious 2inch Touch screen to enhance your experience and a RF remote control is definitely the greatest tool for your next trip!

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    Curve Xtreme 50

    Curve Xtreme 50 is designed to capture every amazing moment in your journey. With FHD 1080P video quality and in-built WIFI connectivity with our customised Smartphone APP, you will be able to record your next journey with your Smartphone