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Our Corporate Mission and Vision

To help us become a more integrated business we have our corporate vision and values. We want to unite and inspire our people across the Group behind our Vision of:

“Working together and build a leading brand of our channel products in the market”.


Corporate Value

Our mission is support by our company value - LEADER

  • Leading - Leading innovation operated by efficient organisation members.
  • Embrace - Identify local consumer's needs and satisfy their needs with our professionalism service.
  • Accumulate - Accumulate our knowledge through training, market research and maximise your learning from customer.
  • Delivery - Deliver and maximise the brand value into the market through advertising and media campaign.
  • Eliminate - Eliminate ourselves from the competition by maximising our product support and adopting product differentiation strategy.
  • Return - Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and work closely with local community.